Welcome to

Town of Imdy

A Community Filled With Diverse Opportunities

Imdy is a town with rich history based near a river and prides itself on it's diversity. The town fills with joy, kindness and delicious organic food. In the recent years, Imdy looks to improve economics by changing from an agriculture based town to a mining town after the arrival of the mining corporation, under Establishment Co..

Town Events Calendar

Speed Dating + Wine Tasting

05/12/2018 7PM Ben’s Cafe

If you’re looking for love but your inhibition is preventing you from opening up and you love wine, then this is for you. Meet other minglers and enjoy an assortment of wines available for tasting.

Food Roundup

05/04/2018 10AM Town Hall 1st Floor

Our neighbors over in Waverd didn’t have a very good harvest this year, Join Mayor Sharma to send some help. Perishable and non-perishable food are both accepted. Let’s show everyone what kind of town Imdy is!

Open Mic Night

05/01/2018 6PM Ben’s Cafe

Got a hidden singing talent? Have some poems you want others to hear? Come enjoy some amazing coffee and light pastries while watching the show. Half-off on drinks for anybody who performs.

Green Book Club

04/29/2018 11AM Town Library

Bring your favorite books about environments and share with everyone on thoughts regarding greener environment.

Annual Kale Festival

04/24/2018 10AM Farmers Market

The Kale Fest is back! Explore Imdy town's famous kale! Enter the kale cooking contest to win a special prize!

Public Town Meeting

04/18/2018 4PM Town Hall 3rd Floor

Come and meet with Mayor Sharma! There will be refreshments and light snacks available. The meeting will be open to any concerns or topics people would like to discuss.